St Augustine's Church, Douglas, Isle of Man

About Us

Transforming minds in order to change lives through worship, teaching, caring and evangelism

The purpose statement of St Augustine's church:-‚Äč
Transforming minds in order to change lives through worship, teaching, caring and evangelism 

We are lead in this mission by our spiritual leader, the Reverend Dr. Jules Gomes

Why Saint Augustine ?

Our church is named after Saint Augustine of Hippo. Augustine was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy. Like St. Augustine, we would like our church to help people think about their faith critically and creatively.

Sunday Services - How we worship

We are an Anglican church and the structure of our worship reflects this. A little bit of the old and a little of the new plus great biblical teaching. Click on the button below to see a typical Service Sheet.
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Sunday School

We have a thriving ministry to children and they re encouraged to fully participate in our services, reading scripture, taking collections and serving at the altar.  The Sunday school co-ordinator is Ros Taisa. If you feel that you could help a already thriving ministry, then Ros would be delighted to hear from you on 410150


St. Augustine's Church is run by a Management team of 10 Christians who are all signed up to the 39 Articles of Faith and have expressed a very clear commitment in the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. They are committed to the inspiration and authority of the Holy Bible and a desire to follow Jesus in holiness and truth. More about our Leadership >

Information on other organisations

Our church does not work in isolation. We have links to other organisations. To see a selection, click here> 

Anglican ?

Can you be an Anglican without being part of the Church of England? Yes you can!
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