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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 3rd September
The newsletter is being sent out early this week, to give you chance to respond to some of the issues raised

Faith and Values!
What's the VALUE of a pound coin? Why is accepting one such an act of FAITH? Can you remember all the designs of the old style coin? I expect that many of us couldn't name or even remember half the 24 different designs that are currently in circulation ( more if we include our own Manx coins ). If we go to a bank and ask for £1 coins, we have faith that they will each be worth a pound, even if we are unsure of exactly how they will look. When we ask God for things, we should have the same level of confidence/faith, that what we are being given is the right thing for us - even if we don't recognise it at first!

Last week's sermon  [ Sunday 27th August ] 
If the dominant voices of our culture are telling adults that it is wrong for us to destroy our own bodies by smoking cigarettes, why are the dominant voices of our culture telling us that it is right for us to destroy someone else’s body through the brutal surgical procedures of abortion? Why doesn’t the government adorn abortion clinics with pictures of babies being violently torn apart by a surgical procedure in the mother’s womb? Our sermon on Sanctity of Life with readings Exodus 1:15-22, Galatians 1:11-17 and Luke 1:39-45. Listenhere>
In his sermon, Jules mentioned a video clip he wanted us to watch, he says, "Evil prospers because good people do nothing to fight evil." The Bible tells us that if we love God, we must hate evil. ‘O you who love the Lord, hate evil!’ (Psalm 97:10). Watch Jewish talk show host Dennis Prager deal with how good people must fight the evil that is destroying Western civilisation  Watch it here>.

There is a IOM government consultation on the proposed amendment to the abortion bill. Follow this link for the outline on the reforms and then follow their link to take the survey. The hope is that everyone in the church will make their views known. 
The consultation closes on 18th September, so the survey must be completed before then.

The IOM branch of HEAR ( Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform ) are running a campaign to lobby members of Tynwald regarding the proposed changes to the abortion law. Take a look at their website for some truly astounding statistics. ( scroll down on the opening page to see all the information ) Click here>
Previous week's sermon
[ Sunday 20th August ]  

The sermon link was not available for last week's newsletter, so is included here.  
Our pastor's 'conversation with the congregation' for the Tenth Sunday after Trinity,

Listen here>

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the coffee rota

On duty this week
Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Lets reflect on the value that we put on things. What's precious to us? Is our treasure stored in heaven or is it something that can easily be destroyed here on earth?

Have faith that our Lord only gives us good gifts and that they will be given when they are needed.

We continue to pray for wisdom and understanding as the islands leaders discuss the amendments to the abortion bill
And Finally.....

What is the VALUE of this pound coin ? The answer is £15

The 'Royal Arms' design is the most common one for a pound coin, having been used on four different issues. However, those dated 2008, and in mint condition, are now relatively rare. 

The Daily Express, reports these coins have been sold for £15 on ebay! There were 3.9 million issued, so you may be lucky and find a few. 

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