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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 10th September
What to do with £10
Next week, the UK introduces a new ten pound note.
Within days the new notes will be appearing on the island. What will you do the first time you get one? Of course you could just spend it, but what about using it to do some good. Why not commit to giving it to charity or some worthwhile cause? Ten pounds could make a big difference in some people's lives. Make that commitment now!

Last week's sermon  [ Sunday 3rd September ] 

The gift of the old Testament

Ideas have consequences. Our sermon for the Twelfth Sunday of Trinity explores how the Hebrew Bible sowed seminal ideas that led to the transformation of society.

 Listen here>

Its not to late to give your view on the IOM government's consultation on the proposed amendment to the abortion bill. Follow this link before 18th September. has a new free audio book for September. 
Whilst 'thought for the week' tells of how Jesus's love can break into any situation.
There is a management team meeting immediately after this weeks service

Why is it only Men who require a breakfast on a shovel? Perhaps they will discuss this at the NEXT MENS BREAKFAST. All St Augustine's men and their friends are welcome at the new restaurant at the steam railway station in Douglas at 9:00am on the 23rd of Setember.

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the coffee rota

On duty this week Rosemary + 1

Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Lord, we pray for those known to us who are in need of your healing. We pray especially for Gail Light, Bill Mummery, Carole Edgecox, Bob Stapler, Roger Rawcliffe, the Revd Christopher Brown and Dr Alan Pedan. Where there has already been improvement we thank you, and pray for their complete restoration. We pray that they may see your face clearly and have the assurance of your presence with them. 

We pray that we may accept change, knowing that our Lord only gives good gifts and the strength to cope with times of trouble.
And Finally.....

Did you commit to giving you first new £10 note to a good cause? There won't be another new note until 2020 when the £20 note will be replaced.
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