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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 17th September
If you watch Facebook Videos and have an attention span of TEN SECONDS - this is for you!
We start this newsletter with a link to another web site. are well known for their free Bible apps for phones and tablets. They have come up with new and interesting ways of reading our Bibles when so many of us can only manage 10 seconds of Facebook video! 
Read the article here>
Last week's sermon
[ Sunday 10th September ] 
My heart leaps up when I behold, A rainbow in the sky,’ wrote William Wordsworth, the greatest of the romantic poets. The rainbow is the centrepiece‚Äč of the sky and has been used to symbolise the centrepiece of scripture—the rainbow has been used as a sign of the covenant. Listenhere> 
Readings Gen 8:20-22, 9:8-17, Rev 4:1-8 & Matthew 26:26-29.

Did you commit to giving your first new English £10 note you receive to a good cause? The notes will start to be available this week.
You can still give your view on the IOM government's consultation on the proposed amendment to the abortion bill. Follow this link before 18th September.
Last week at church we gave out postcards to be sent to your MHK. Let your views be known. You can find out the name(s) of your MHK, and their address by following this link> Note: you need to click on their name on the left hand menu, for a sub-menu to appear which then gives their contact details.

Why is it only Men who require a breakfast on a shovel? Perhaps they will discuss this at the NEXT MENS BREAKFAST. All St Augustine's men and their male friends are welcome at the first floor restaurant at the steam railway station in Douglas at 9:00am on Saturday 23rd of September. This is a correction to the date given in last week's newsletter.

An invitation to hear Christine Sakakibara. Christine is an Aussie who's lived in Israel over 40 years, she's lived through wars, terror attacks, and adversity of all kinds. She shares about life as a mother in Israel. 

Onchan Elim Church, 
Second Avenue, Onchan. IM3 4TL
7:00 pm Tuesday 19th September

Download more details here>

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the coffee rota

On duty this week Hilary

Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Lord, we pray for Gail Light, who is in Cardiac Care Unit at Nobles hospital. Her operation scheduled for Tuesday had to be cancelled. Pray for her continued recovery and that her operation may be re-scheduled as soon as she is well enough. We pray for Bill Mummery, as he recovers from his recent surgery.

We pray for the management team meeting on 3rd October when they will make decisions for the year ahead.

If you have a prayer request, then email us at 
And Finally.....
Is it true the attention span of people watching Facebook videos is only 10 seconds? ( see lead item ). There is a marketing site that tells you how the average time is calculated. Statistics can prove anything, including the average viewing time can be longer than time the video is on screen! Mathematicians and lovers of fake statistic follow this link>
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