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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 1st October
Next week we launch our home groups
Next week sees the launch of St Augustine's home groups. Over the next six weeks David and Barbara will be hosting these groups at their home, 11 Victoria Rd, Castletown. The groups are designed to strengthen the fellowship between all people at out church, in an informal atmosphere. The emphasis will be on encouraging others.
Meeting together in a small group allows us to get to know each other, to recognise gifts and needs, to share a problem, to ask for prayer. 
There are two different days and times, so that one should be suitable. Mondays at 2.00pm and Wednesdays at 7.00pm, and will not last longer than an hour and a half.
Note: if you come to the afternoon sessions you might have to contend with a blind dog and an inquisitive parrot!
Last week's sermon
[ Sunday 24th September ] 
The Ephesians had lost their first love. Jesus says that losing your first love is the first step to final destruction. When a church begins to fall out of love with Jesus, it takes the first step towards its own extinction. A cold church very quickly becomes a dead church. A dead church very quickly turns into an apostate church.  Listen here> 
Readings Revelation 2:1-7 & Acts 19

Preview of Sunday's sermon - The Poor Rich Church
The Outline of the sermon series "Love letters" return to sender
1. The Correspondent
2. The Church
3. The City
4. The Commendation
5. The Condemnation
6. The Command
7. The Counsel

Men's Breakfast

Some of the men from St Augustine's and their friends enjoying their breakfast at the steam railway station, Douglas. Thanks to Shaun for organising this event.

If you missed Christine Sakakibara's talk on Israel, the you can hear it here> Her plane was delayed and so the meeting  didn't start until 10:00pm !

You can catch up on Jules' latest articles at

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the coffee rota

On duty this week Chrissie and Terrance

Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Lord, we pray for Gail Light, who is recovering and should be returning home soon, but will still have to have further surgery. We pray for Bill Mummery, as he is in a of pain following his recent surgery and we pray that Eliza Coynyngham's leg will continue to strengthen.

We pray for the management team meeting on 3rd October when they will make decisions on the next phase of St Augustine's growth.

We especially ask for prayer for the new home groups. May the congregation grow in fellowship with each other.

If you have a prayer request, then email us at 

And Finally.....

The photo shows the children enjoying last Friday's 'movie night'. But if you look closely and have previously worshipped at St. Mary's on the harbour, then you might recognise someone who came all the way from Norway, to attend 
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