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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 22nd October
Halt and catch fire
This week saw the final episode of the TV series 'Halt and catch Fire'. It was set in the world of computers in the early 1980's and follows a group of people as they design and develop ideas that they hope will be 'the next big thing' After a decade of trying and some successes, they nevertheless see themselves as failures. After all, in most things there is only one winner and many losers. The programme is in many ways a metaphor for life. If we put all our time and effort into the wrong thing we will end up losers. Is it time to re-evaluate what we are pursuing?
Last week's sermon
[ Sunday 15th October ] 
The zeitgeist is the dominant set of ideas and beliefs that motivate the actions of people in a society in a particular period in time. The church of Thyatira is a church that had bought into the zeitgeist. She had begun to whore with the world. 
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Our readings 1 Kings 16: 29-33, John 15:18-23 & Revelation 2:18-29.
Preview of Sunday's sermon - Part 6 of sermon series Love Letters " returned to sender".  

The Outline of the sermon series "Love letters" return to sender
1. The Correspondent
2. The Church
3. The City
4. The Commendation
5. The Condemnation
6. The Command
7. The Counsel
At the end of the current sermon series, love letters to the seven churches of Revelation, we will have a special service of repentance.
There are two homegroup sessions each week, Monday afternoons 2:00 - 3:30 and a repeat session on Wednesday evening 7:00 - 8:30, held at David and Barbara 's home, 11 Victoria Rd, Castletown. The bible studies are on friends in the bible.

Monday's homegroup was cancelled due to the bad weather, which was fortunate as a nearby tree was blown down, and brought power cables.

Please remember to check the coffee rota as in recent weeks people have forgotten they are on duty.

Many people think the book of Revelation is all about the end of the world. As we listen to Jules sermons we come to a different understanding - why not share the recordings with a friend. 

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thank you to all those people who signed up for the coffee rota. The fellowship time after the service is an important part of our ministry. 

On duty this weekHilary and Maree
Coffee rota

Do you sometimes read your Bible but are not sure if you have fully understood its meaning or its context? You may need a Bible Commentary or other study tools. There is a free App called 'Bible Hub' which gives you access to many resources such as different Translations and Commentaries. It's available off-line so you can download it onto your phone and have it always available.

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Lord, we pray for Gail Light, who is still in ward 8 at Nobles hospital. She is currently awaiting a neurological assessment. We pray for her health and that a place can be found for her in sheltered accommodation.

We continue to pray for Bill Mummery, that he might have relief from pain.

We give thanks for Rosemary, Elisa and Sean as they take on the roles normally done by Ros, as she visits family in the Solomon Isles.

We thank God for the all the new faces in the congregation and the return of others.

We pray for the home group meeting which takes place tonight (Wednesday), and again on Monday afternoon.

And Finally.....

Where did the title 'Halt and catch fire' come from? ( see lead article ) In the early days of computing it was possible to put a computer into an endless loop of processing instructions that had no practical use and was impossible to halt. Perhaps another metaphor for our lives and the need to re-appraise what we do.
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