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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 05th  November
We are sending out the newsletter a day early because of an urgent request for prayer
Please make sure you read the Prayer section
As this newsletter is going out a day early, you should get it on Tuesday the 31st of October. This is reformation day! Five hundred years ago on 31 October 1517, Martin Luther wrote his '95 Theses'. ( its very unlikely he actually nailed them to the church door ) In the 95 theses, Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church on its practice of taking money for the forgiveness of sins. 

St Augustines church firmly believe in the Grace of God which is freely given.
Jules has asked that we read the article '10 Marks of a Grace-Alone church' which set out the doctrine on Grace. You can read it here>
Last week's Sermon
We were please to welcome Trevor Paterson and listen to his sermon on 'missing the obvious' Unfortunately our attempts to record the sermon hit a technical snag so we do not have a recording.
This week's sermon
Jules will be back to continue his sermon series on the seven churches of Revelation

At the end of the current sermon series, love letters to the seven churches of Revelation, we will have a special service of repentance.
Next week will be the final home group sessions. We will then reflect on how home groups should be organised. Even if you have not been to any of the previous session, you are welcome to join us at 11 Victoria Rd, Castletown, on Monday afternoons 2:00 - 3:30 or Wednesday evening 7:00 - 8:30

Today (31st October) is also Halloween. If you would like to know more about the Christian Response to Halloween, there is a good article Here> 

Tea and Coffee Rota

Thank you to all those people who signed up for the coffee rota. The fellowship time after the service is an important part of our ministry. 

On duty this week Chrissie and Terence.
Coffee rota

Beyond Balfour, Discussing the History and Politics of the Balfour Declaration
Speaker: Dr Moriel Ram (Ben Gurion University and UCL)
Date: Saturday November 4th, 7 pm
Place: Claremont Hotel, Douglas
Open to the public, Free Entrance.  
Light refreshments will be served after the talk. Presented by the IOM Friends of Israel and UJIA

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

URGENT Please pray for Umata who has serious cuts to leg caused by broken glass from a door in her home. She has been taken to Alderhey children's hospital with mum Ellan. Pray that despite the depth of the cuts, that there is no nerve damage. Hold them both in prayer at this stressful time.

We pray for Gail Light and the meeting to be held on Thursday with Social Services to determine her future needs. Gail is still in Nobles hospital, ward 8.

We continue to pray for Bill Mummery, that he might have relief from pain.

We give thanks for the safe return of Ros after visit to family in the Solomon Isles.

We pray for the home group meeting which takes place Wednesday night,

And Finally.....

Gavin Ashenden gave us his support when we were setting up St Augustine as an independent Anglican Church. You may like to read his sermon on spiritual problems within the Church of England. Two bishops with two different views. Only one is right! Read it here>
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