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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 26th  November
Save Yourself !
Save Yourselves ! This phrase might be heard on a sinking ship or some other area where a disaster about to happen.What was it Saint Peter was imploring us to be saved from in Acts 2:40 ? The disciples were full of the Holy Spirit and talking in many different tongues. But we know what St. Peter was saying - 'Repent and be baptised' followed by 'save yourselves from the corruption of this generation'

Thanks to Jules preaching, we are more aware than many, of the corruption of ideas and beliefs that exists in our countries institutions. How will you make a stand against this corruption?
Last week's Sermon 
[ Sunday 19th November ] 

In our Service of Repentance, we reflect on the terrible nature and consequences of sin as we study the scandalous affair of David and Bathsheba. 
Our readings are 2 Samuel 11:1-17, Acts 17:30-31 and 
Luke 13:1-5. 

Listen again to the sermon here> 
This week's sermon
Jules will be back to continue his sermon series on the seven churches of Revelation

Sermon this week 
The Great Exchange: The king and the Prostitute

Jules invites you to learn these 3 new songs before Sundays Service
1. Come people of the Risen King (Processional Hymn) Listen Here
2. A mighty fortress is our God (Hymn) Listen Here  
2. By Faith (Recessional Hymn) Listen Here
Updates on the sick & recovering

Gail is recovering well in room 2, Ward 28, Aintree University Hospital, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, L9 7A6. It looks unlikely that she will be released this week but perhaps the next. Exact timings will be dependant on a room being available at Nobles.
Barbara Cole's procedure went well and she has been given the all clear.

Updates continued

Umata (photo) has been discharged and is back home. 

Genesis still needs special care for her skin and still needs to complete her course of antibiotics.

Ros and family would like to thank everyone for their prayers and God's healing.

Tea and Coffee Rota

The fellowship time after the service is an important part of our ministry. Try and make time to stop for a cuppa and a chat with at least one person.

On duty this week Werner
Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

We continue to uphold Gail Light in prayer, giving thanks for the surgical team that performed a long and complex operation, and Gail's recovery from it.

Praise the Lord for Umata and her healing.

We continue to pray for Bill Mummery, that he might have relief from pain, and for Bob Stapler, that his wrist might heal after his fall.

We give thanks that Jules and Geoff were so blessed by their attendance at the FIEC conference.

Next week is the start of advent and the new year in the church calendar. Pray that St Augustine's church will fulfill God's purpose in the coming year.

And Finally.....

Bishop Gavin Ashenden has been a supporter of our church since its inception. He is a commentator on the problems within the C of E and society in general. His website has links to his daily service, weekly homily and 'Anglican Unscripted', in which he regularly appears. Currently his site also has his letter published in the Times on transgenderism and various other articles, including no fault divorce.
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