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Welcome to St. Augustine's Church Newsletter for Sunday 10th December
We are moving again!
The Jim Crosby band room will not be available to us from 14th January 2018, for 6 weeks. The building is needed by the band whilst they rehearse for a competition in Blackpool. Bill Mummery has kindly offered the use of his company's building during this time. More details to follow.
Last week's Sermon 
[ Sunday 3rd December ] 
The most earth-shaking event in the history of the world is the event of God becoming king, assuming his rightful authority and establishing his kingdom. It is the event for which Jesus taught us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer when we say, ‘Thy kingdom come.’ It is the event that Jesus preached most about—a very high proportion of Jesus’ sermons, parables, miracles and exorcisms were about the kingdom of God. Listen here to the first sermon in our Advent series. Readings Isaiah 9:1-7, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 & Matthew 24:36-44
This Sunday is the second part of the sermon series on Advent

Our pastor Jules is working closely with Pastor Glenn Walters to support the visit of Abort67 to the Island. We would like you particularly to attend the meetings at Grace Baptist Church in Peel on Monday 11th December and 13th December. If you cannot come to Peel, please come to Ramsey on the 12th December. 
Abort67 dates and times
Monday, 11th December at 7:30pm - 9:30pm: Raising awareness presentation at Grace Baptist Church, Market Street, Peel IM5 1AD;
Tuesday, 12th December at 9am - 11:30am: Display outside parliament;
Tuesday, 12th December at 7:30pm - 9:30pm: Raising awareness presentation at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Queen’s Promenade, Ramsey IM8 1BH;
Wednesday, 13th December at 9:30am - 11:00am: Pro-life apologetics and display training at Grace Baptist Church, Peel;
Wednesday, 13th December at 12:30pm - 2:30pm: Display in Douglas Town Centre.

Tea and Coffee Rota

The fellowship time after the service is an important part of our ministry. Try and make time to stop for a cuppa and a chat with at least one person.

On duty this week TBA
Coffee rota

Prayer Points and Prayer Requests

Please pray for Sir Laurence as he recovers from his fractured pelvis. Hold him and Anna in your prayers.

We give thanks that Gail Light has returned home and we continue to pray for her full recovery.

We give thanks for Bill Mummery's offer to host the church for 6 weeks next year. We pray for him and ask that the pain from his operation is reduced.

We pray for the 'awakening tour' / abort67 which will be held next week. May they speak the truth and may people be ready to hear.

And Finally.....

It was only last month that we were remembering the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation when Martin Luther published his 95 theses. This was the trigger for a fundamental change in what we believe and the way we worship.
This month Christian audio is offering an excellent FREE audio book during December. Written in plain English, it explains the ongoing impact of the Reformation. The first chapter sets out the different approach to Justification by the Roman Catholic church and protestant churches. This chapter alone is worth the effort of signing up. You can obtain it here>
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